Anti-Virus Shield - Strengthening the Body's Immune System: GOSFORD - 21st March 2020

 Lohan - Shibashi II - Virus Shield: 21st March 2020

workshop with Master Aaron & Grandmaster Khor

It will be at least 12 months before a vaccine for the Coronavirus can be developed. Meanwhile the only defence is your own immune system. A strong immune system can fight back and destroy the virus, but those with weakened immune system, especially people over 70 and those with diseases such as diabetes and cancer etc. are vulnerable.

Young fit people are expected to survive the first wave of virus attack, but many do not know that a second wave will follow at a later period. Scientists predict a second wave of stronger mutated virus will strike during the winter months, and subsequent years. This second wave virus will have mutated to overcome even those with antibodies. 

Lohan - Just like tai chi, Lohan qigong is concerned with the cultivation of qi energy (life force). The difference between them lies in the degree of 'hardness' and ‘softness’ of the two exercises, and their intentions. Hardness refers to the power of the mind in extending the limbs and muscles. The strength increases in proportion to the mind’s ability to project the thought of extension. The hardness is created by the rising of the qi and is activated by the mind — much like the flow of water hardens a soft length of hose. The softness refers to the contracting and relaxing of the body and the gathering of the qi between movements. Lohan Qigong’s breathing exercises stimulate the flow of qi to strengthen the internal organs. Cultivate Chi energy and life force.

Shibashi II - is especially beneficial for healing stiff joints, strengthening muscular weakness, and increasing stability to prevent falls. When practised with postural alignment, mindfulness, and diaphragmatic breathing it enhances healing and mental health.

Coronavirus Shield - The World Health Organization estimated that it will be another 18 months before a vaccine for the Coronavirus can be developed. Meanwhile what have we got to protect ourselves or to fight the virus if we should be infected? Apart from wearing mask and washing hands, our only defence is our immune system.

A strong immune system can fight back and destroy the virus. However, those with weak immune system, compromised by diseases such as diabetes and cancer are likely to succumb to the virus. Young infants, smokers, aged seniors, obese and unhealthy people are also vulnerable.

The power of the immune system is widely acknowledged. In Cancer Immunotherapy, scientists’ harness and train the immune system to fight cancer. T-cells are supercharged and trained to destroy cancer cells.

The standard recommendation to strengthen the immune system is to get fit and eat healthy food. More people will be working out at the gym; however, arduous training and over-exercising can lead to injuries, exhaustion and hormonal imbalance, damage heart and arteries. Kidneys can be injured when muscle cells rupture and send toxic chemicals into the bloodstream.

On the other hand, Taoist health approach focuses on the health of the internal organs and glands first before the muscles, tendons, and bones. Grandmaster Khor to defend against the attacks, an “anti-virus defence shield” combining three medical disciplines; Western Medical Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Quantum Energy Medicine has been developed by Grandmaster Gary & Master Aaron to strengthen the immune system and fend off the virus.  

SAT 21st March 1.30 to 4.30pm

$ 60.00 (early Bird ) or $ 70 (at Door)

50+ Leisure & Learning Centre, Albany Street, GOSFORD

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