Lohan – Shibashi – Mindfulness Tai Chi Workshop with Grandmaster Khor

Posted by Master Aaron Khor on 4 Nov 2019

Lohan – Shibashi – Mindfulness Tai Chi Workshop with Grandmaster Khor

Mindfulness for Physical & Mental Health

Relieves Aching Joints & Muscle Pains

Increases Flexibility, Strength & power

Footwork: Legs, Balance & Mobility

Body Methods: Head, Torso & Waist

Arm and Hand Techniques: Self Defence

Lohan: During meditation at the Shaolin Monastery Bodhidharma created Lohan Qigong. He found that lack of movement over a long period of time caused fatigue and bodily aches and pains. To increase their fitness and strength Bodhidharma put together a sequence of exercises known as Lohan Qigong. Lohan forms have an equal proportion of hard and soft movements, going from one extreme of yin to another extreme of yang and vice versa. This demands a greater expansion and contraction of the muscles as well as a deep pattern of breathing. As a result, the qi is activated and flows in a vigorous way and it is believed that, in terms of health, qigong is relatively more effective in the time it takes to achieve fitness and strength.

Just like tai chi, Lohan qigong is concerned with the cultivation of qi energy (life force). The difference between them lies in the degree of 'hardness' and ‘softness’ of the two exercises, and their intentions. Hardness refers to the power of the mind in extending the limbs and muscles. The strength increases in proportion to the mind’s ability to project the thought of extension. The hardness is created by the rising of the qi and is activated by the mind — much like the flow of water hardens a soft length of hose. The softness refers to the contracting and relaxing of the body and the gathering of the qi between movements.

Shibashi & Tai Chi: Mindfulness techniques for physical & mental health is a more advanced way of practising Tai Chi with sensitivity, mindfulness, and diaphragmatic breathing. To be in our present moment and not racing to complete the set. Postural alignment, centering, plus soong & peng. Present mindedness is well known to be healing and restorative to mental health.

Cost: $ 55.00 (Early Bird) or $65 (At Door)

Saturday 7 Dec 2019 1.30pm to 4.30pm

New Lambton Community centre 14 Alma Rd, New Lambton

Bookings: 9797 9355




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