Khor Tai Chi Style

Posted by Master Aaron Khor on 21 May 2019

What is Khor Style Tai Chi? 

Khor Style Tai Chi is Modified Yang Style Tai Chi.


Because Yang Style Tai Chi favours righthanded movements, and lacks some left side movements. Khor style Tai Chi addresses the imbalance with equal left & right movements. This brings it in line with the Tai Chi philosophy of the Yin Yang principle. Khor Style Tai Chi follows the principles laid down in the classics as its foundation as it is in the Wu Hao Style (Scholars Tai Chi).

Khor Style also recognises the influences of Xing-Yi and Ba-Gua as in Sun Style Tai Chi and also the influences of other Qigong traditions and great scholars like Hua Tao's Five Animals, the famous Zen Buddhist's Shaolin Temple Lohan Qigong, the Ancient Yellow Emperor's Tao Yin and traditional massage methods. What is Yang Style Tai Chi? Yang Style Tai Chi is Modified Chen Style Tai Chi.


Because Chen Style Tai Chi was too strenuous for the general population to practise. What is Chen Style Tai Chi? Chen Style Tai Chi is Modified Wudang Style Tai Chi. WHY? Because Wudang Style Tai Chi is too holistic for the martial art schools who mainly wanted combat effectiveness, and not the lifestyle nourishing aspect of the Taoist. What is Wudang Style Tai Chi? Wudang Style Tai Chi is the Original Tai Chi created by Taoist Zhang San Feng, The creator/founder/father of the Tai Chi art. It is a holistic lifestyle nourishment art.


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