Are you in PAIN? So what Went Wrong?!

Posted by Grandmaster Gary Khor & Master Aaron Khor on 20 May 2019

So, What Went Wrong!

Life was supposed to get better and easier with modern technology, but something seems to have gone wrong. We are now working longer hours and under more and more stress just to stay ahead.

SEEK the Tao. Tao is the way of living in harmony with nature and the universe. It’s way of going with the flow is an effortlessness way of being (Wu Wei), which leads to a more relaxed lifestyle, bringing happiness and fulfilment. Tai Chi is an integral part of the Tao, an exercise system based on the dance of yin and yang. Practice daily and you will gradually achieve relaxation, peace and harmony, and freedom from stress.

YANG-SHENG: Life Nourishing, is the Taoist way to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.

It include: - 1) Mindfulness Meditation 2) Tai Chi 3) Qigong Exercises 4) Herbs and Nutrition 5) Massage.

In the upcoming seminar/retreat, the key ingredients of life nourishment will be explored. A special feature at this year’s seminar is Tendon/Bone Neigong, an art of generating qi energy to strengthen bones, plus how to discharge qi as an explosive force in self defense application. One little known fact is that stretching our tendons is more useful than stretching muscle, because tendons outlast muscles by many more years.

Other skills include Opening the sacrum in the tail bone and the Door of life in the lower back and strengthening the immune system with Spinal cord breathing. Technique in grounding, energy extracting, centring, and exercises to power the diaphragm, coccyx, sacral and cranial pump. Techniques in bone breathing and bone compression stimulate blood cells growth in the bone marrow. These little-known health techniques and other skills are practiced by ancient Taoists.

• How to open energy gates in the body and direct energy into joints.

• How to set the Hip and sacrum to increase balance

• How to manoeuvre energy to strengthen knee and ankle

• How to integrate Earth & Cosmic forces with human energy system.

• How to access your Connective Tissues, Tendon and Muscles

ACHES & PAINS: The stresses of modern life often first affect the joints (arthritis) and particularly the spinal vertebrae (back problems).

Stress on the spinal cord obstructs the flow of chi. These obstructions further affect the organs, glands, and immune, eventually leading to illness. Tendon Neigong are employed to lead chi energy into the joints to strengthen and heal. Small internal movements generate chi and tendon power while big external movements generate muscle force. The inner rotation of the joints and tendons must be performed slowly, using the mind to guide the chi to the joints and tendons.



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