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Senior Instructor David Ross

David started Tai Chi in 1997 in a place called Woolgoolga on the North Coast of NSW. It was an academy class and he done one term at the beginner’s level. He moved back to Sydney in 1998 for work but after a couple of years he developed a severe back injury which needed a spinal fusion

 He had the fusion in 2001 and still had pain after the surgery, he had the hardware removed in 2003 to elevate the pain but with little result, he lay on the lounge for 3 years because of the pain then it all changed when he found Tai Chi. He found that his first class back after 5 years he remembered the entire beginner’s level. After 4 lessons he was asked to become a class assistant by his instructor. Within 2 years he was running his first class. It snowballed after that with him attending as many workshops and Seminars, as he could run by Grandmaster Khor, reading and studying as many books written by Grandmaster Khor as well.  Increasing his student numbers and classes the more he studied and learnt.

In 2013 he was elevated to Senior Instructor for the Central Coast.

Senior Instructor David Ross featured in Seniors Paper Article Central Coast, 23rd November 2018.