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Tai Chi Seminar Retreat September 3rd - 5th 2021

The Colloray CentreSeminar
Friday 3rd September - Sunday 5th September

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the way we live. Although the availability of vaccine has brought relief to many people, the long-term effect is still in question. Danger persists with Covid variants causing new waves of deadly infections around the world. Ever since learning of the Wuhan Covid outbreak back in January 2020, I had been searching for a Qigong counter defence against the virus infection. The synthesis of an ancient 6th century “marrow/spinal breathing” technique created by Bodhidharma for the monks of Shaolin Temple, and a modern age energy medicine of quantum bioenergetics is the result of my search. The techniques will be taught at the September seminar/retreat in Collaroy. This also will be the last and final retreat to be held in Collaroy. As only 24 overnight hotel beds are available, please book ASAP.

Presenting at the seminar also will be Senior Master Rod Ferguson, with - Neigong - Internal Alchemy How to make use of the natural medicine potential within us. Using Tai Chi and Qigong movements to generate good health via body, mind, and breath interaction. Applying practical principles to boost immune system. Mindfulness application to activate our own internal medicine, our vitality, and our well-being.

Chinese medicine and Acupuncture were energy medicine systems long in use in China and neighbouring countries. Master Aaron will instruct usage of key acupoints and massage techniques to treat common aches and pains. Meridian stretching with functional bio-mechanic movement to heal internal organs.

Other Seminar sessions include:

• Tao Yin, Lotus, Lohan, Wild Goose, Five Animal, Wushu, Pole,

• Grounding, Centring, and exercises to power the diaphragm, coccyx, sacral and cranial pump.

• Skills in bone breathing and bone compression to stimulate blood cells growth in the bone marrow.

• How to open the sacrum in the tail bone and the Door of life in the lower back. How to access your Connective Tissues, Tendon and Muscles

• How to set the Hip and sacrum to increase balance

• How to manoeuvre energy to strengthen knee and ankle

• How to open energy gates in the body and direct energy into joints.

• How to integrate Earth & Cosmic forces with human energy system.

RETREAT SITE Situated opposite the Collaroy Beach and back up to a forested hill is the perfected location for a tranquil weekend of learning and practising Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, massage. Secluded away from the hustle & bustle of work and daily routine, it is the perfect place to unwind and relax, plus learning the latest advance skills from the masters.

SUNRISE & SUNSET TAI CHI Tai Chi & Qigong sessions at beautiful sunrise & sunset on the beach and open fields are the optimal environment to lift your spirit, bring out the best of your Tai Chi and Qigong skill, and transport you to an uplifted state of consciousness.

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