What is Qi Gong 氣功?

Posted by Master Aaron Khor (Chinese Medicine Practitioner) on 23 Oct 2020

Qì has several layers of meaning. Qi is translated as ‘energy’, ‘ether’, ‘matter-energy’, ‘vital force’, ‘life force’. The main difficulty of translating the word Qi is its versatile nature whereby Qi...

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Online ZOOM Classes

Posted by Master Aaron Khor on 24 Jul 2020

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Australian Academy of Tai Chi has moved to online ZOOM classes that are on weekly....

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AATC Online Videos

Posted by Master Aaron Khor on 22 Mar 2020

Our new online video website allows you to watch and practise Tai Chi everywhere and anywhere in the world! Just simply sign up, choose a package and start learning!...

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Tai Chi for Weight Management

Posted by Grandmaster Gary Khor on 24 Feb 2020

Excess Weight (Obesity in extreme circumstances) is a major problem in our society because of its medical consequences. Because Tai Chi is a slow relaxed exercise it is not often seen as a weight man...

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